Lifestyle Photography with George Krousti

Natural Photography is the key to my style; relaxed and fun is what I do.
— George Krousti

What is Lifestyle Photography?

It is the photography of people; mum's, dad's, children, pets and grandparents in any location. It is relaxed natural and fun. I always work with you to create memorable moments of your children, of your family, or with your partner and pets. Natural photography is the key to my style and photography; and to unlock this I create a relaxed and fun environment to get these images.

How can you be a Lifestyle Photographer if you photograph Weddings?

I began my career as a professional wedding photographer and in doing so have learnt and developed a lot of photographic techniques which are easily transferable to lifestyle photography, Both styles of photography involve photographing people and yes that's what I love doing, photographing and connecting with different people. After photographing weddings over the last 6 years I direct people, kids and pets confidently and effortlessly to get the best out of them so that we get those wow photos.

I love connecting with and photographing people.
— George Krousti


                                   Relaxed, natural and fun

Why should I book a photo-shoot with you?

I am a skilled photographer who cares about the people that I photograph. I like to create a relaxed environment to capture all those natural moments. My  mantra is relaxed and fun. That is why you should choose me, I will get you lovely images of your children and you with your family in a relaxed and fun way. I love what I do and love to work alongside people that want to have fantastic and memorable images to display around their house.

What does a typical photo-shoot involve?

Before the photo-shoot we would talk about the location and the feel of the images you would like. The environment of any photo is important, so choosing where we take the photos is key. Thankfully we live on the doorstep of the Peak District and because of that we have a wide range of places we can take the photos. We could choose to have the photos taken in the countryside, under trees or in the middle of a town like Chesterfield. Once we have nailed the location then we have a chat about the feel of the photos and what you are looking to have memories of. Then comes the best part, the photo-shoot. I don't put a time limit on these shoots; we are there together until we have the photos we want. Relaxed, fun and natural all the way.

I want to have a chat about the photo-shoot with you; how do I contact you?

Please call me on 0788206381 or e-mail me at so that we can connect and have a chat about what you are looking for from your experience with me.